Japan: The Cookbook

A collection of over 400 recipes of traditional and authentic Japanese dishes from 70s and 80s Japan. 


Japanese cuisine stands out in the global culinary landscape for its pristine flavors, simple elegance, and intrinsic healthiness. The dishes are created by an artful layering of sublime ingredients: ultra-fresh fish, seasonal vegetables, a myriad of sea greens, roasted sesame seeds, native citrus and herbs, and deeply nuanced fermented seasonings. - NSH

Now the iconic and regions dishes of Japan's traditional culinary culture are made available to home cooks with this authoritative collection.

Phaidon Press



We can't wait to tuck into Phaidon's bamboo-effect tome

“Of all the cuisines we hope to get a grip with, Japan's is the trickiest, so we can't wait to tuck into Phaidon's bamboo-effect tome, Japan: the Cookbook, out April 6.”

—Sunday Times Travel Magazine.

Her latest cookbook is by far her most show stopping

“Hachisu has long been a reliable source on all things Japanese cuisine, and her latest cookbook is by far her most show stopping. The highly comprehensive book walks you through making ramen (homemade noodles included), restorative soups, pickled vegetables and over 400 other dishes.”

— Tasting Table.



— XX.



"Japan: The Cookbook is not an examination of regional cooking traditions, as much as a curated experience of Japan's culinary framework from a specific moment in time. Using both fine and generous strokes, I have put together what I hopes a broad and rich picture of the food of this island nation."

--Nancy Singleton Hachisu