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Ali Guida Smith

Your slow food looks amazing! I live in Yokohama and have no idea how to cook Japanese food yet (moved here from Cali!). Are you far from me? Would love to visit or take a lesson. I plan to start with your book. So happy I read Metropolis mag. this week where I discovered you.

Tim C.

Your food looks so delicious! My wife and I just bought your book today, and are moving to Fussa in less than a month. We currently live in Germany and have grown accustomed to the organic/slow cooking method way of life. I would love any info you could give us on farmers markets or CSA's (community supported agriculture) in the area. Any help or ways for us to connect with community and learn how to cook true Japanese meals would be a blessing. Thanks!


I seldom go into the Kinokuniya bookstore at Beaverton's Uwajimaya but for some reason, I went in to take a look. And there was your book! My husband said to me," Christmas is coming!" meaning I should let him surprise me. But, I exclaimd, " No! I can't wait that long! I have to have it NOW!" haha
I have been trying to look for something like this for too long. I was in Koriyama before the earthquake, and somehow this feels so familiar. Thank-you for writing this book.

Nancy Singleton Hachisu

Ali: I really dropped the ball on these comments. So sorry I was in the midst of a wild book tour. I live on the outskirts of Saitama right next to Gunma. We are close to the Honjo Waseda shinkansen stop. I do lessons though right now am on a bit of a hiatus. Send me an email at my first and last name at me dot com and I can put you on the announcement list.

Tim: I don't know Fussa but you should check out Radish Boya as a CSA. Also our local soy sauce/miso/tofu place sends out CSA boxes using organic vegetables they grow and my husband's eggs. They are called Yamaki Jozo and can be reached at One of their high up guys speaks excellent English. Also their phone no. is 0274-52-7070.

Chee: Nice to hear that Kinokuniya is carrying the book. I don't think Powell's is...except on line. Let me know if you have any questions and thank you so much for reaching out.

Dan Nakasone

Aloha Nancy,

Your book is a great place to visit when my day is done. I'm enjoying the read and will be exploring your recipes. And please give my aloha to Rodrigo. I spend my weekends on a ranch on the North Shore of O'ahu and it's always good to hear about another Japanese cowboy.

Malama pono, take good care.

Dan Nakasone

Nancy Singleton Hachisu

Dan: I completely missed this comment! But anyway we got connected through Heather so all is well. I will certainly pass on your aloha to "Rodrigo." Looking forward to hosting you all in March. - Nancy

John Messer

Nancy, a friend knew that I was interested in coming to Japan to a cooking school and so she bought your book for me. It is such a lovely, lovely, wonderful cookbook. It is much more than a cookbook. It is a glimpse into your life and that of your beautiful family. I just read the book and did the pork belly and greens recipe as well as the Japanese potato salad tonight. YUM.

Can you email me below to let me know about what sort of cooking classes you provide? I am looking for a one week immersion class in Japanese cooking. If you do not do such, then can you direct me to a cooking teacher/school who does?

Thank you so much for giving of yourself and providing the world with a glimpse of the life and food on a Japanese farm. John

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